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Biodegradable Guilt-Free Glitter


Is it gold? Or is it silver? Whatever it is, it's an instant classic. This superfine fairy dust is inspired by our love of precious heavy metals: gold, silver, and bronze. It goes with absolutely everything. Perfect for any occasion where you want to sparkle like a diamond. You can do subtle, or you can go glam. Fine, cosmetic grade glitter that is safe for your face.



Our bestseller! This mix has some magical color shifting properties... A complex blend with hints of several different jewel tones, it changes its qualities in the light depending on what you are wearing. Inspired by the shimmering iridescence found in nature in dragonfly wings. A versatile, multi-purpose mix that perfectly shifts its mood to match yours!



Water, water everywhere. Calling all mermaids and mermen... This ocean-inspired glitter mix takes its color cues from the mystical undersea civilization of Atlantis. Ocean treasures are the theme here. This custom glitter blend is infused with a divine blend of aqua, blue, green and gold. 



If you want to boost your beautiful blushing complexion to be more bold, this shiny happy remix is your best bet for everyday sparkle. A complex, rich, pink shimmer with a few hints of mysterious deep purple hues. Fine, cosmetic grade glitter that is safe for your face.