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Biodegradable Guilt-Free Glitter | All Sparkle. Zero Guilt.

Glitter. Made from plants,
not plastic.

Our biodegradable guilt-free glitter helps humans sparkle more while being conscious caretakers of our planet.


Our Story

Did you know that most glitter is made from plastic?

We love glitter. It is truly magical. A tiny bit of sparkle can create such immense joy - it brings out our inner child, raises our collective energy, and lights up a whole space.


Yet we felt conflicted when indulging in some sparkly fun. There was some guilt knowing those tiny bits of plastic would remain in the environment forever, and become part of our ecosystem and food chain.

GLITTEREVOLUTION was born to close that gap. We set out to provide a responsible Earth-safe alternative to plastic glitter, so we can enjoy all the sparkle, with none of the guilt.

Please help us share the plant-based glitter love and...


Quality Mixed with Love

Our glitter is made from high-quality raw materials that are sustainably sourced and produced in Europe, and hand-mixed and hand-packaged with love in California.


Earth-Friendly Packaging

We do not put plastic in our products, and we do not put our products in plastic. Our glitter products are thoughtfully packaged in earth-friendly aluminum rounds.

Cleaner Oceans

We are working with non-profit organizations that are dedicated to addressing the global crisis of plastic pollution. Learn more about 5 Gyres and its mission here.