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Glitter... or litter? How to tell the difference between biodegradable eco glitter and traditional plastic glitter


Glitter... or litter? How to tell the difference between biodegradable eco glitter and traditional plastic glitter

Wendy May

Biodegradable glitter is becoming a big trend now. We love seeing that so many people are choosing to sparkle more consciously!

The down side is there are a lot of businesses that are jumping on the biodegradable bandwagon. And it's not easy to tell the difference with the naked eye. That's why we put together this handy guide to help you be a more savvy eco-glitter buyer. There are a few key ways to know what's genuinely ethical, conscious glitter and what's microplastic pollution in disguise!

For example, if it's holo, it's not bio. If it's heart shaped, it's not loving the Earth. And if it's cheap, consider the (true) hidden cost. Know that many companies are greenwashing and promoting their biodegradable products, while still selling other non-biodegradable products alongside their eco-friendly ones. If it doesn't say biodegradable directly on the package, or ingredients are not listed in each and every individual product description, then there's a good chance that the facts might be left fuzzy on purpose.

Be wary of biodegradable glitter brands that have sold conventional plastic/polyester glitter at some point in the past. We applaud businesses that are making the switch to biodegradable. We are all making a positive difference together! But unfortunately, we also see some glitter brands that are unloading their old plastic glitter inventory by passing it off as eco-glitter.

Other ways to check is to step back and look at the larger business context. Does your eco-glitter provider demonstrate a sustainable ethos throughout all parts of their business? Are they using plastic free packaging? Are they educating, or only selling? What values do they demonstrate in their leadership, their mission, their social impact?

Please consider the big picture before you buy. When in doubt, ask the company to share their product's safety data sheet and technical data sheet and demand full transparency!