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How to get rid of your plastic glitter


How to get rid of your plastic glitter

Wendy May

We are encouraged to see so many people making the shift to embrace biodegradable glitter. We realize that a lot of you may still have some plastic glitter on your hands. It's okay. We don't blame you. We understand it's a gradual process to make changes. 

One question we have been getting a lot lately is - what do I do with my old plastic glitter?

We have a few thoughts on this.

The best way to dispose of your plastic glitter is to permanently glue it to something you plan to keep (if not forever, at least for a long time). Take some strong, high quality adhesive and use it to sparkle up your room or some of the personal items that you carry around.

For example, you can use your old glitter to:

  1. Create a sparkly sacred object for your altar

  2. Make a creative sculpture for your bathroom vanity

  3. Add some shimmer to your toothbrush holder

  4. Decorate the pocket mirror you carry in your purse

  5. Add some shiny flair to a journal or notebook

That way you get to enjoy seeing your things sparkling, and your old glitter doesn't end up in the trash. Create beauty, and keep your plastic glitter out of the ecosystem!

If you cannot find some way to upcycle your plastic glitter, the second best thing is to fix it in a resin or glue before you throw it in the garbage. Put some fixer to keep the particles from getting loose, leave it sealed in the container, and toss it out that way. This way it will end up in a landfill, which isn't great, but at least it's not getting into the water system.

The absolute worst thing to do is to flush it down the toilet or dump it in the sink, since that puts it directly into the water system and it would eventually go in the ocean. Please please please whatever you do, don't dispose of your plastic glitter by putting it into our water! It is a microplastic, and it is toxic to marine and human life!