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NOTE: Unfortunately, we’re not able to meet requests for promotional samples or event sponsorships right now! We receive many many requests for free products, which we are not able to meet and stay afloat as a small family-run business! Thanks for understanding.

That said if you are interested in wholesale for your group or organization please use the form on the right to contact us.

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Our Commitments

Wendy May

The way that we do business has a certain flavor, a specific vibe. We think these six commitments are at the core of our personality.


A is for Aiming for progress not perfection. Too often we see efforts to make better choices being cut down or cut short for not being perfect and we think that's a crying shame. It's hard to make changes to our habits and every little bit helps. We want to support each other to do better not tear each other down for not being perfect.


B is for Building local communities. We see business as a force for positive social change. That's why we love to collaborate with small local businesses. We prefer to distribute via a network of small businesses rather than growing quickly via mass market global channels. We want to partner with, buy from and sell through values-aligned businesses.


C is for Celebrating creative process. We embrace the unique expression that you are and that we are. Our glitter products are unique. We carry only one of a kind creations for self decoration - biodegradable glitter blends that you won't find anywhere else. We don't sell mono colors or raw unblended bulk glitter. We love supporting the artistry and creative self expression that's in all of us.


D is for Donating to pollution solutions. From our first day in business, we pledged to donate 20% of our profits to 5 Gyres, a nonprofit focused on stopping the flow of plastic into our ecosystem. Providing a biodegradable alternative to microplastic glitter is one thing. Giving back to research and education around ocean plastic pollution in general is another thing. It's a big reason why we exist. We're here to invest in solutions.


E is for Elevating every body. Glitter is for every body. Just like Love is for every body. We are tired of seeing fashion and beauty feeds that are full of young, skinny, cisgendered, white females, one after the other. We want to decorate and elevate all kinds of bodies. We see and honor our differences, with an attitude of awe for the vast array of human beauty that exists in the world.


F is for Feeling free and having fun. It's easy to get caught up in an ego trip of trying to build up a "glitter empire". But that's not what this is all about. Not at all. What's most important to me are the people and relationships in my life, and taking care of me is also me caring for them. If I notice that this work becomes too much of a grind; if it is heavy or stressy or simply taking up too much time, I will stop doing it. Full stop.

That's it.

G is for GLITTEREVOLUTION. Join us for this magical mystery ride!