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What about mica-based glitter?

Wendy May

Is mica-based glitter (or mineral glitter) a good alternative to conventional plastic glitter? Mica is natural, so it must be better for the environment than plastic, right?

Not so fast. Here are three reasons why we think plant-based glitter is the best choice for you, and for the planet.

(1) Mica is a mineral. While it is a naturally occurring substance found in the Earth, it is a NON-renewable resource. That means once it is extracted by miners it is gone forever, much like oil or natural gas. Plant materials are natural AND renewable.

(2) The conditions that illegal mine workers (often children) are subjected to are, simply put, horrendous. Google "mica mining" to learn more about this. 

(3) Plant-based glitter is 30-40% softer to touch than conventional plastic or mica-based glitter. That means it is less likely to cause irritation to your skin or eyes.